Calling All Athletes!

Pop Warner, Weekend Warrior, Collegiate, to the Pros we have covered it all: injuries, sprains, strains, tears, and repairs!
You, as an athlete, are a rare type of person.
You aren’t having fun unless you are pushing the limits on what your body can do! And goodness gracious if you get hurt WATCH OUT! It needs to be fixed right then and there! A game, tournament, race, etc. is right around the corner and you can NOT afford to miss it! GOT IT! You enjoy putting your body through hell… as long as there is a WIN in your future… We are here for everything you try to do! Our knowledgeable staff are committed to making you the best you can be with lasting results designed to strengthen your abilities no matter the sport.

You are NOT Normal...

And neither is your treatment! You shouldn’t be treated as an average patient. Athletes use one side of their body more so than the other which means, during the season you CAN’T afford to balance both sides. This sounds “against the grain” and that’s ok because that’s the way you live life… and this is the way we need to treat your body!

An athlete’s body acclimates to its memory patterns and we need to make sure that you DON’T hurt yourself during “game” time.

Our practitioners are skilled in athletic movements and training patterns. They can look at your body and in a matter of minutes’ figure out how to make it move faster and more efficiently, effortlessly!