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Corrective Therapy has a 98% success rate!

100% based on the science of the body, there is no such thing as “guess” work!

We teach our practitioners how to utilize their skill sets and see the body for what it really is… an interdependent system!

We have a doctor or healthcare professional for each system of the body EXCEPT the muscular system?
The muscular system makes up over 40% of your body, more than any other system!

Yet, we leave muscle health to
massage therapists and personal trainers?
Both professions having a requirement of 6 months or less in school?

Not anymore!
Corrective Therapy is limited only to:
  • Master Athletic Trainers,
  • Exercise Physiologists,
  • Occupational Therapists, and
  • Physical Therapists.

This proprietary therapy requires the most qualified healthcare professionals to effectively perform these treatments.

"Corrective therapy is holding healthcare to a higher standard!"
- Elechia Morgan
Soccer knee injury — Pain Therapy in Hickory, NC

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Corrective Therapy is about more than manual therapy!
It is about education, bridging the gap, and knowing HOW and WHEN to utilize all the
puzzle pieces in the healthcare system!
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