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There are so many ailments we can help with!
Corrective Therapy is a proprietary therapy that is based on 100% backed by science of how the body works!

Our techniques focus on these 4 systems:
Nervous, Muscular, Lymphatic, and Skeletal

Your body relies on communication of these 4 systems and what they tell your body to see as “normal”.

This is called proprioception!

When your body is compromised by an outside force or stimuli, the communication
begins to change the definition of “normal” to compensate and learn a new motor pattern.

This starts a chain of events that highlight vulnerable areas of weakness in your body.

If certain movements occur, the weakness is exposed and creates a pain pattern that you try to escape.

Muscle fibers lose the ability to move in the direction that is being avoided which allows the weakness to grow.

Short term, this will mechanically affect one or two joints up and/or down the chain.

Long term, this will affect almost the entire body, functional and mechanical.

Soccer knee injury — Pain Therapy in Hickory, NC
Knowing how your body works is the most important part of this therapy, for both client and practitioner!

The more you know as a client, the more information you can relay about your body!

The more we know as practitioners, the better we can track the cause and effect of your pain and discomfort!

Corrective Therapy syncs all system communication within the body and allows them to all work congruently.

This hands-on manipulation is targeted and effective with over 95% of daily aches and pains!