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Elechia Starnes-Morgan
Hi everyone! My name is Elechia Starnes-Morgan. There is so much I could tell you in reference to how I created this therapy and this business, but I will save that for a book someday. God only knows, it will be full of tears, laughter and screams of both joy and pain! Not to mention, I kinda feel like my story is still classified as unfinished.So I will tell you my "WHY"... WHY I am here today, WHY I do this, and WHY I created and believe in this therapy so much it hurts!

I am here today because I am unsatisfied with today's healthcare system and the lack of science and evidence-based theories that seem to reign over many professions. Along with the general lack of education that we have about our own bodies and how they work in relation to pain and injury. I want to educate our community and break the myths of manual therapy.

I do this because I am aggravated with our community living their lives one appointment or pill at a time. Opioid abuse is at an all-time high and our healthcare system is passing out band aids instead of answers. People need answers to the "how and why" and it is just as important as the treatment itself!
9 Times out of 10, results are seen immediately and I have watched miracles happen on these tables more than I can count, but the real test is making sure those problems don't happen again...

I created Corrective Therapy because I was frustrated with the"iffy" science and teachers answering with theory instead of facts.The science behind our treatments are tried and true. Our therapies are reliable, efficient and easy to understand.

I believe in Corrective Therapy because of all of the 3000+ bodies that have been touched, over 90% of them experienced life-changing effects and are no longer living in pain!

For those that are interested in my background...Sneak peak into my future autobiography...

I had many jobs from a young age that prepared me for a life in the healthcare industry from life-guarding to CNA to eventually a Habilitation Technician. Growing up in a small town, it seemed I only had 2 choices anyways... teaching or nursing. So it wasn't a surprise for me to end up in nursing school. I soon found out that was not where God wanted me to be. After another big move, a husband, and one child later (at that time),I was accepted into a three year trial program for medical Manual Therapy.After several introductions to different techniques, multiple palpation skills, and a vast number of theories, I realized that the science didn't always explain the results of the therapy or the lack there of.Some techniques worked, some didn't, some treatments lasted, and some didn't.I couldn't stop asking WHY?I was privileged enough to have a few key mentors that encouraged me to dive deeper. An opportunity presented itself soon after, an elite internship at Duke Medical Center!

Anxious to test my assumptions, I went to work... and in 2009, I officially put the science into action and developed what we now callCorrective Manual and Stabilization Therapy.

I wanted to build something reliable, a bridge between modern medicine and alternative healthcare.We now have over 60+ local healthcare facilities that refer to MuscleRx for pain and injury!And over 300+ healthcare providers that back our care and our treatments!

And this is just the beginning...

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