Habits?? Really?

Yes, really!
Habits are hard-wired in your system. It is etched in a part of your brain
that tells your body that “this habit” or “positioning” is normal when it is not.
Crossing legs, leaning when standing, forward head, just to name a few!
These habits trigger muscles that you use daily to always be “turned on”
and it creates a stronger muscle (and usually on one side only).
You don’t realize you are doing it because
it is something that doesn’t really require a thought.
You moved in an unfamiliar way and “OUCH!” you just pulled/strained/sprained
a muscle, tweaked your back, or hurt your (fill in the blank).
Thoughtless days are over… now you plan how to move,
think before you sit, and brace to get yourself up!
You keep hoping for it to “go away” and sometimes it does
but it’s almost guaranteed to come back!

So what do YOU do? Where do YOU start?

Call a Doctor?
Go to the Chiropractor?
Start Physical Therapy?
Hire a Personal Trainer?
Get a Massage?
Try Acupuncture?
Take a Pill?
Get a Shot?
So many choices… and which one works?
How long will it take and how much will it cost?
Sounds like more questions with not many answers!
Woman Having Shoulder Therapy — Pain Therapy in Hickory, NC

This is where MuscleRx LLC comes in...

We take the time to listen and learn about YOU!
Our Practitioners take a hard look at everything life has thrown at you
and we dissect each move you made along the way.
Including hobbies, work life, home life, kids, pets, sports, etc.

After learning the way your body works, we customize a treatment plan designed to get you back to your life before pain!

Our treatments are designed with you in mind!

30 minutes or less!
No lotions!
No oils!
No removal of clothes!