Healthcare Professionals

Our trained practitioners have backgrounds in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, Medical Manual Therapy, Nursing, and Integrative Therapy! MuscleRx treats as a team. We use all our resources to make sure our clients have all the information available to them.

Our goal, at MuscleRx, is to answer the “Why?” of their pain and discomfort.
Why do they hurt?
Why is nothing working?
Why does this problem keep coming back?
To answer these questions, we are taking a deep dive into their history.
We look at their job, hobbies, sports, ergonomic patterns, driving habits, posture when standing, sitting, and sleeping, along with workout regimens, gait patterns, etc.

The goal is for us to find the root motor pattern that lead the shift to happen.
Our assessment form is detailed and designed to help us answer their “Why?”.
The science behind Corrective Manual and Stabilization Therapy is concrete!
For a total of 4 years, we have built our practice to total OVER 3000 clients on word of mouth only!
We have a 98% success rate with finding and eliminating the source of pain.
The average client sees us about 7 times in a matter of 4 months and is transferred to a maintenance schedule.
Maintenance consists of 1 appointment every 3 to 6 months depending on chronic or injury pain pattern.

Knowing When to Refer...
Don't get us confused with someone else...
We are NOT Chiropractors, BUT every technique we use on a muscle does shift the pull pattern of the structure it is attached too. When assessing the body, we may find structural misalignments that are caused by the compensation patterns held within the muscular system. After treatment, the body is reassessed and if the structural misalignment is present, we discuss the findings with our clients and if they are comfortable, we refer out to our list of affiliate Chiropractors.
We are NOT Physical Therapists, we are not assisting or prescribing exercises. All our treatments are hands-on therapies that are targeted to stimulate or inhibit the muscle manually and enhance it with habitual stimulations. We do not use machines of any kind. Corrective Stabilization is a great alternative therapy that could increase and enhance results of physical therapy!
We are NOT Massage Therapists, we do not follow a routine for our treatments, our goal is not to relax muscles in any way shape or form. There is NO removal of clothes, lotions, or oils.Our practitioners have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a health-related field and hold a Practitioner’s Certification in Corrective Therapy.
Soccer knee injury — Pain Therapy in Hickory, NC
Physicians Choose MuscleRx Because...
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A lot of people ask if we take Insurance?

We do not file insurance, however, we do provide an invoice that may be filed with your patient’s carrier. This invoice includes ICD 10 coding along with unit amounts that are easily read by their insurance carriers. We do accept HSA and FLEX cards, check, cash, and all major credit cards.
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