Pain is the SYMPTOM...
Imbalance is the PROBLEM...
Corrective Therapy is the SOLUTION!

“I'm tired of dealing with this…”

Is this YOU? Have you tried everything with no luck and money wasted?
Is your doctor suggesting pain meds, shots, or surgery?
Try MuscleRx before you make that decision!
It may just change your life…

Thinking of Trying Us Out?

We understand your reservations of trying something new, but let us ease your mind! The first appointment is your time to tell us everything about your history, aches, pains, goals, and dreams! We want to hear it all. Our practitioners listen to you and take the time to explain exactly what we are going to do and why!

Are You a Healthcare Professional?

MuscleRx is dedicated to building the bridge between alternative therapy and modern healthcare! Our techniques are completely built on the science, there is no such thing as “guess” work! Our practitioners are trained to take the details into account and not emphasize the symptoms.

Corrective Manual Therapy

The name says it all... This is a hands-on treatment designed to correct your body from the inside out. We use the communication system in your body to our advantage! (Kinda like a data-hacker… we program what we need your body to correct and make your body think you made the change all on your own!) This therapy is only 30 minutes long and requires NO removal of clothes!

Want to know more about CMT?

Corrective Stabilization Therapy

Once we have communicated and reprogrammed certain changes, we need to solidify that change by stabilizing the rest of your body. We use certain hands-on techniques and exercises to “turn on” groups of muscle to hold these changes in place. This stabilizes the movements and gives the body time to adapt quickly to the change and see it as a “new normal.”

Want to know more about the stabilization process?

Don't take our word for it... Take theirs!

I had shoulder pain for months and it was relieved after one visit! I really thought I might have to have surgery if I went to a doctor. Kaitlyn was able to work out the issue. I've had back problems for years and now they are working on that and it's already better. If you are looking for more natural treatment, this is the place. Their treatment is called Corrective Manual Therapy. Research it. I did and it's amazing. Thank you ladies! – Tiffany C.

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