Before You Make The Move, Know Your Options

Is your issue bigger than normal?
Is surgery necessary?
No worries! Sometimes the only fix to an issue is surgery! And as scary as that may be, MuscleRx is here to make sure that your experience is as seamless as possible! We prepare your body for the “cut” and for the “rehab”. Our practitioners know exactly how to prepare the body for surgery. Believe it or not, we make surgeons look great!

Before They "Cut"

Our treatments are quick and to the point! We know exactly where to go and what to release to help a surgeon have an exemplary surgery! Our techniques prepare the tissue to be manipulated and moved.This allows surgeons to get where they are going without making any other unnecessary cuts! This helps the surgeon get the best angles for repair. If the surgeon is happy, you can bet you will be happy!

After Care

When the tissue is healing, fiber growth and fiber direction is very important. Your muscle grows in the direction that it is supposed to move and the muscle regenerates what it was last told. Our technique inputs the direction of growth to allow the muscle to regenerate proper muscle direction to allow for a faster rehab!

Wait There's More...

Corrective Therapy can decrease rehab time by 50% or more! Our protocols allow the body to recuperate more effectively by making sure all other structures are balanced and working properly! This allows the injured structure to remain stabilized in its natural position! The stabilization of the rest of the body is crucial during the healing process. If other structures compensate for the injured limb, the body memorizes the wrong movement pattern and you are left to deal with yet another problem!
Woman Having Shoulder Therapy — Pain Therapy in Hickory, NC

And Just So You Know...

We do NOT…
  • Touch an open wound after surgery
  • Remove any bandage, slings, or casts
  • Make the injured limb move past its limitations
  • Go against doctor’s orders

But we do…Ask you to trust us. We have worked on many hundreds of post and pre-operation clients.Our job is to put your body in the best position for it to heal itself. Our staff will accommodate you however we need and make sure every question is answered before you take that next step.

Call us today for more information on how we can help you!